Art Clay and Templates


Reach the perfect design through a simple way. For this technique we will need Templates.

I advise a professional entry with an instructor in handling new techniques and skills for Art Clay Silver.

This is a workshop for beginners.

*Technique of work with Art Clay Silver:

  1. Forming shapes from silver clay
  2. How to use templates
  3. Drying and different methods of baking
  4. Professional finish of the project
  5. Patination

*Material for work:

- 7 gr. Art Clay Silver
- Sulfur for patination

*Tools are provided for use in the workshop. Your own set of tools, you can order after the workshop is finished.

*Number of people: 6
*Duration of the workshop: 4 hours
There are no additional expenses.
Price: 80 €

*The workshop can take place in your city.

The term is a group of 6 people and the group to provide space for the workshop.

*Groups, schedule and space maintenance, is appointed depending on the number of applied candidates.

*The workshop is regularly taking place in Skopje, Belgrade and Nish.

Art Clay workshop and certified courses are teached by: Katerina Ilieva.

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