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KI Jewelry - Ornamentki

KI Jewelry - Ornamentki  is B2C copmany located in the beautiful city of Singapore. Our company sells unique handcrafted pieces of jewelry made from a variety of materials.Each piece is quality controlled before being sent to our customers, as part of good service that would lead to the satisfaction of our customers.


Most designs are just one piece of unique jewelry , available in this category at the moment
When jewelry from this category has been ordered, re-ordering is automatically disabled and transfered in the Sold category, in the next business day.


All the pieces of jewelry listed in this category have already been sold out.To re-order from this category, send us an e-mail with the number for that specific item ( e.g. No. 26  from category - Sold ). ki@katerinailieva.com.  We will answer you within 1-2 bussines days.
If our store is able to supply the necessary materials from the licensed dealers, we will remake and deliver the particular piece of  jewelry , only after your valid payment.

Ordering options

You may place two types of orders with KI Jewelry - Ornamentki.

1.  For all available items listed in Store category, place your order at our website: www.katerinailieva.com
2.  For all sold out items listed in Sold category , place your order at our e-mail : ki@katerinailieva.com. Please add  the number and the category of that specific item ( e.g. No. 26  from category - Sold ) in your mail.

- It is mandatory to provide us the correct address and contact number.
The ordered products are sent within 1-2 business days upon receiving the payment and delivered to the address provided by you , as a shipping address.
- Confirmation of your order will be automatically sent by e-mail. 


Payment options

We accept money transfers and payments through:

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfers

- If during the check out process you select "Bank Transfer" as your form of payment, our bank account details and further instructions will immediately be e-mailed to you , after your order is made.
- Currency of payment is only in Singapore Dollars ( SGD $ ).
- We only offer the option to view and compare our prices to other currencies as : EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, MKD, RSD, HRK
- The prices of the products in KI Jewelry - Ornamentki, do not  include shipping cost and import duty taxes.
- Import duty taxes might be charged in your country. Please check with your local post office in your city , for more information.
Please note that we will not accept returns and no refund will be applied , if you refuse to pay for the customs taxes.
- When you place an order, shipping cost will be addedIt will depend on the delivery service that you have selected.
- The store reserves the right to: change the prices of the offered products, add products to the offer, remove products from the offer, start or discontinue promoting actions, and/or introduce other changes.

Shipping & Delivery

We ship orders worldwide with Singapore Post. Currently we use - link: Speedpost worldwide services: - Air Parcel.

- SPEEDPOST WORLDWIDE SERVICES: Air Parcel rates are automatically added to our website. Depending on the country where delivery is made,this charge will be added to your final order, while you confirm your purchase on our website.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Download Speedpost Rates

You will receive an e-mail from us,when we ship your order.

  • Estimated delivery within 6 to 14 working days to major cities of the world
  • For non-urgent items, this mode offers low in price but high in reliability
  • Door-to-door collection is also available upon request *
  • Proof of delivery available upon request
  • *** No insurance service to Nigeria.

*If you want alternative post service of delivery, first complete your payment and contact us with a note of service you have choosen, to send your items at your preferred speed and budget.

Please use "Bank Transfer"  to pay this additional post fee. After receiving this payment on our bank account, your pre-paid products will be sent within 1-2 business days.You will receive an e-mail from us,when we ship your order.

Links and details of alternative Singapore Post services, by your personal choice:

  1. Speedpost  Express
  2. Speedpost Express Import
  3. Speedpost EMS
  4. Surface Parcel


Duty Taxes:

For other countries, import duty might be charged. Please check with your local post office in your city for more information.
Usually customs fees charged by post office is much cheaper. We suggest you to choose
Air Parcel with Singapore Post.
Please note that we will not accept returns and no refund will be applied, if you refuse to pay for the customs taxes.

Money back guaranty:

Customer may return the products bought in our store within 14 days and your payment would be refunded.Please e-mail us first within 7 days of receipt of your package. If it's for your personal reasons like: not quite the right size, do not like the design, etc. we ask that you pay the shipping cost back to us.


  1. The product is not used, damaged and remains in the original packaging.
  2. The returned products should be sent together with the bill.
  3. Custom-made products are not returnable. 

We do not refund shipping cost for return items if the reason is that you reject to pay for the customs taxes or other fees charged by the shipping forwarder or post.

Please do contact customs for more details fees that you need to pay, since different rules are applied in every different country.
Note that you should refund  7%  of import duties for Singapore, if in any case you need to return back your order to us.

If for any reason you need to return the product after your confirmed payment, in My Account section as part of a registered customer you will get the button to return the product.

Privacy policy

The personal data provided during registration and ordering is confidential and used only for the purposes of the www.katerinailieva.com online store.




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