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Unique handcrafted jewelry made from a variety of Semi-Precious Stones, 925 Silver, Brass, Art Clay Silver, Gold and Copper, Pearls, Swarovski, Crystal and Polymer clay.
KI Jewelry's creations are of stunning elegance and captivating originality.
We offer you designs that bring glamour and happiness to your life and will be cherished always.  

  • 1 Art Clay Silver
  • 2 Art Clay Silver
  • 3 Art Clay Silver
  • 4 Clear Quartz, Swarovski
    925 Silver components
  • 5 Art Clay Silver, Pearls
    925 Silver components
  • 1 925 Silver Components
  • 2 Clear Quartz, Swarovski
    925 Silver components
  • 3 Smoky Quartz, Swarovski Crystals
    24 carat Gold plated Components
  • 4 Amethyst, Swarovski Crystals
    925 Silver components
  • 5 Mother of Pearls
    925 Silver components
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Classes / workshops Art Clay Silver in Singapore - Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Create Your Own Unique Accessories with Art Clay Silver,Copper and Gold.
Make an appointment,today.
SKYPE-VIDEO LIVE CLASSES - Wednesday, July 02, 2014
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